Being a burn victim is really stressful, I think mostly because the majority of it is my face but it’s just like a lot. I’m really worried about scaring, this whole situation ha been such a burden and it’s making ridiculously anxious, physically sick and the pain in my face is just as bad as the day it happened still. It sucks. I’m doing my best to look at the positives of the situation but it is still extremely overwhelming.

Why am I awake at 4:35 in the A.M.

My brain hurts.

I’m tired.


Ahhh I love cooking so fucking much it keeps me sane and it’s just amazing!!! I feel so creative when I’m in the kitchen it’s like a side of me I’ve never seen I become so innovative and I just start going with shit it’s like once I have one ingredient I can just go and go and go nd just add shit and I just flow with it. It always goes so well by the time I’m done I usually have a masterpiece. Even if I didn’t I wouldn’t care because I love practicing and learning and constantly trying new things and techniques. Like I’ve been learning how to make a lot of stuff from scratch and when I say learning I basically mean it’s me and google self taught lol I made a homemade ranch the other day at work and apparently it was a huge hit I had people txtn me from work telling me they were all back here eatin my ranch with everything haha. I just love it I love that I progressing in my culinary career and I love how much I’ve been learning and I love how much it’s helped me in this troubled time in my life. I can’t wait to continue onto this path of greatness because I feel so passionate about it and I just know I’m going to be a success with this.

I’ve been slowly learning things about myself in my recent endeavors and quite frankly it’s amazing. Discovering things about yourself that you never knew you felt or even existed inside of you, that’s an awesome feeling.

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